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Commercial & Corporate Law: What laws does your firm need to abide to?

Getting into sticky situations is part and parcel of running a business, and while for your personal matters you may refer to a friend or someone else you trust, as a business, situations need to be dealt with reliable representation. This is where Lawyer’s come in, but then you need to know exactly what kind of Lawyer would be able to best represent your situation.

The laws that are applied to a business are different from the laws applied to an individual, these laws fall under the titles of Business Corporate Law/Corporate law or Commercial Law. There are differences between Business Corporate Law/Corporate Law and Commercial Law but the two are very closely related.

Is there a difference between corporate law and business corporate law?

Sentences tend to get filled with jargon in the legal world, thus for easier understanding, Business corporate law and corporate law, can be used interchangeably in legal discourse. Essentially, the term Business Corporate Law just adds further clarity to make the subject easier to understand in comparison to corporate law, which can lead to ambiguity at certain times.

What is Corporate Law?

Business Corporate Law (also “corporate law”) is the study or practice of how directors, creditors, shareholders, employees, and other stake holders such as the community, consumers, and the environment interact with each other. Corporate Law allows businesses to make their processes easier.

What is Commercial Law?

Commercial law, is the body of law that applies to the rights which are related to work contracts or the transfer of property. Commercial Law includes: Consumer law, contract law, international trade law, labor law, and property law.

What is the core difference between Business Corporate Law (Corporate Law) and Commercial Law?

The simplest way to explain the difference between Business Corporate law and commercial law, is that corporate law or Business corporate law is designated to the governance and regulation of businesses, while, Commercial law applies to situations in transactions and commercial trading. Reaching out to a commercial lawyer or corporate lawyer will help you in your situation.

Which Lawyers/Law firm do you approach?

Getting the right legal support for corporate law is critical and there are usually multiple options of representation available. Approaching smaller legal firms, that specialize in either business corporate law/corporate law or commercial law, can prove to be fruitful for your business, however, small firms may not be able to provide the expertise for both corporate law and Commercial Law. Larger firms usually possess the expertise in both, Business Corporate Law and Commercial Law, which makes it much more convenient and tactful for a business to get their corporate law needs met by such firms.

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