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From complex litigation to regulatory issues, Sardar & Co provide holistic perspectives and timely solutions.
Have you been wronged or suffered damages? Whether it is a personal injury case, contract dispute, or property disagreement, we'll advocate for your interests in court through skilled representation, negotiation, trial advocacy, and pursuit of fair settlements.
Constitutional rights, such as the right to equality and freedom of speech, are at the heart of our legal system. If you believe your constitutional rights have been violated, our firm will take legal action to defend you against such infringements while advocating for your civil liberties.
When facing criminal charges, you need a strong and knowledgeable defense team. Our criminal litigation attorneys provide tailor-made defenses against various charges through legal counsel, trial representation, plea negotiations, and appeals – ensuring your constitutional rights are upheld.
Our commitment to justice extends beyond individual cases. Whether it is environmental issues, human rights, or social justice, we will be your advocates for positive change through legal action.
Litigation can be time-consuming and costly. Our ADR specialists offer alternative methods such as mediation, arbitration, and conflict resolution to help parties resolve disputes amicably, saving you time and money.
Are legal disputes threatening your company's success? Our expert litigators are here to represent your company's interests in court against matters such as contract disputes, shareholder conflicts, or breach of fiduciary duty cases.
Your intellectual property is your most valuable asset. Whether it is a logo, invention, or a song you've created, we aim to safeguard and manage your company's intellectual assets, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.
Regulations can be confusing, but we will help your company navigate them seamlessly. To avoid legal issues and penalties, avail our Regulatory Compliance services, ensuring your company’s practices align with industry standards and government requirements.
Never sign blindly again! Our meticulous document review involves the thorough examination and analysis of legal documents, contracts, and agreements to identify potential risks, obligations, and liabilities.
Whether it is contracts, wills, or business agreements, our expert draftsmen create documents tailored to your needs, making sure they're clear, enforceable, and protect your rights.
Does your business need advisors for growth, partnerships, or risk management? We provide legal advice and guidance on various matters, including corporate governance, mergers, acquisitions, and strategic decision-making – allowing you to navigate the corporate landscape with confidence.
Confused by complex legal matters? We provide well-reasoned and legally sound assessments of specific legal issues or questions based on research and analysis – whether it is compliance, contract interpretation, intellectual property, or any other areas that require legal clarity.


Sardar & Co has served numerous clients to their satisfaction, some of its distinguished clients include:


Khans International Brand (Pvt.) Ltd

Feroze1888 Mills Limited

Burshane LPG (Pakistan) Limited

Ghani Builders & Developers (Pvt.) Ltd

Shaheen Freight Services

Indus Dyeing & Manufacturing Company Limited

Credible Logistics

Mughals Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd

Chapal Builders




Goldfinch Trading CC (Based in South Africa)

Shekhani Industries

Pak Button Industries (Pvt.) Ltd


Saadi Sardar, the founding and managing partner of Sardar & Co, is a Barrister-at-Law and an advocate of the High Court of Sindh. He graduated from the University of Kent with LLB (Hons). After being called to the Bar from the Honorable Society of Lincoln’s Inn, he returned to Pakistan and started practicing in the field of law. He specializes in Constitutional and Civil Litigation and is renowned for his trial skills, tactical nous, and thorough understanding of the law.

Saadi previously worked with Sarmad Hani and Co. Prior to that, at Lawyers for Human Rights and Legal Aid, he oversaw a project with UN Women and helped establish the Women Protection Unit (prevention and protection of women from violence through access to justice, services, and safe spaces). In 2021, Saadi set up this Sardar & Co law firm after gaining several years of field experience. As a partner, he brings about a fresh energy and perspective to the field of law by thinking innovatively and working enthusiastically. In the shifting landscape of modern-day workplaces, adaptability gives him an edge in a work environment that is more fast-paced than ever before.



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Sardar & Co Law Firm in Karachi: Expert Legal Advisors

Sardar & Co located in Karachi, Pakistan, is renowned for its innovative thinking and expertise in legal matters. As a prominent law firm in Karachi, we offer a diverse range of legal services, encompassing litigation and corporate advisory services. Our primary mission is to ensure that citizens have ready access to sound legal advice and effective remedies, all in accordance with Pakistani laws. With a well-established reputation as one of the top advocates in Pakistan, our dedicated team is committed to representing clients and effectively resolving their legal challenges.

Advocates and Attorneys for Litigation and Corporate Advisory

Sardar & Co takes pride in its esteemed and empathetic team of advocates who excel in handling a wide spectrum of legal issues. Our attorneys’ expertise extends from civil cases and criminal litigation to constitutional matters and commercial transactions. With their vast experience, our legal professionals offer holistic solutions, comprehensively addressing the needs of our clients. We have a deep understanding of the intricacies inherent in both litigation and corporate affairs, enabling us to adeptly represent clients in various legal proceedings.

Expert Team of Advocates and Jurists Representing Diverse Legal Matters

Sardar & Co thrives on its multi-faceted role, catering to the diverse legal requirements of our esteemed clients. Operating as a corporate law firm, we provide extensive legal assistance to both small businesses and established corporations, ensuring compliance with legal obligations and fostering the smooth operation of their enterprises. Additionally, our advocates specialize in litigation, adeptly handling civil liabilities, constitutional rights, labor disputes, and property-related concerns. Our family lawyers are dedicated to resolving marital issues, including divorce, khulla (divorce initiated by the wife), maintenance, child custody, and guardianship matters.

Your Trusted Corporate Law Firm for Small and Large Enterprises

Sardar & Co warmly welcomes enterprises of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations, to avail themselves of our exceptional legal guidance and support. Our corporate lawyers possess in-depth knowledge of the regulatory landscape governing corporate affairs, encompassing establishment, operation, management, and ownership. Whether you require guidance on legal transactions, compliance matters, or intellectual property law, covering trademarks, copyrights, or patents, our adept team is poised to provide efficient and cost-effective assistance.

Family Law Advocates and Divorce Attorneys in Karachi

We recognize the sensitive nature of family dynamics and domestic relationships. With our compassionate and adept team of family lawyers, we extend unwavering support and guidance throughout the legal process. Whether addressing adoption, divorce, child custody, support matters, or any other family-related concerns, our empathetic attorneys are steadfast in pursuing favorable outcomes for our clients.

Experienced Real Estate Attorneys and Propery Lawyers

Sardar & Co takes great pride in its expertise in property law, encompassing various forms of ownership issues. Our real estate attorneys and property lawyers offer invaluable assistance to clients engaged in the purchase or sale of residential or commercial properties. From resolving landlord-tenant disputes to navigating mortgage defaults, our knowledgeable advocates offer effective and tailored solutions.

At Sardar & Co, our unwavering commitment revolves around delivering exceptional legal services in Karachi. With our accomplished team of lawyers, extensive experience, and client-centric approach, we strive to exceed your expectations. Reach out to us today to experience firsthand the outstanding legal representation and advice we provide to individuals and businesses alike.

Diverse Legal Services in Karachi

Sardar & Co takes pride in extending a wide array of legal services to meet the varied needs of our clients in Karachi. Our team of seasoned and dedicated advocates is well-equipped to address a myriad of legal domains, ensuring comprehensive legal assistance for you.

Family Law: Compassionate Advocates for Sensitive Family Disputes

Sardar & Co family law firm grasp the intricate nature of family disputes and are resolute in aiding clients through issues like divorce, child custody, alimony, and property division. With a blend of compassion and expertise, we navigate these matters adeptly.

Criminal Defense Lawyers: Protecting Your Rights with Skill and Strategy

Our adept criminal defense attorneys safeguard your rights, offering assurance and effective defense. From minor infractions to serious offenses, our strategic approach ensures tailored representation for every case.

Corporate Law: Sound Legal Guidance for Business Matters

For businesses seeking legal support pertaining to contracts, intellectual property rights, mergers, acquisitions, or other corporate concerns, our corporate lawyers offer astute advice to protect your business interests.

Copyright Law: Safeguarding Creative Works with Expertise

Sardar & Co copyright advocates are well-versed in safeguarding creative endeavors. From copyright registration to infringement issues, we provide comprehensive counsel to artists and content creators.

Child Custody: Advocates for Family Welfare in Challenging Times

When addressing child custody disputes or visitation rights during separations, our experienced child custody attorneys prioritize amicable resolutions that prioritize the child’s best interests.

Divorce Attorneys: Guiding You Through Complex Divorce Proceedings

Navigating a divorce is challenging, but with skilled divorce lawyers, the journey becomes smoother. From filing divorce petitions to prenuptial agreements, we offer comprehensive support.

Personalized Legal Assistance for Unique Needs

We understand the significance of tailored attention in addressing your distinct legal requirements. With a dedicated team of attorneys across various practice areas, we assure exceptional representation and positive outcomes.

Why Choose Sardar & Co Law Firm?

When selecting a law firm, making the right choice is crucial. Sardar & Co stands out for several reasons:

  • At Sardar & Co, we boast a team of highly experienced and skilled attorneys specializing in diverse areas of law in Pakistan. Whether you need a family, criminal, corporate, copyright lawyers, or any other legal expert, our comprehensive expertise is at your disposal.
  • Personalized attention and support are integral to our approach. We acknowledge the uniqueness of each case, crafting individualized strategies tailored to your needs.
  • Favorable outcomes are our commitment. Through thorough research, evidence analysis, and strategic planning, our team strives for exceptional results.
  • Open communication is a cornerstone of our practice. We keep you informed about your case’s progress and address your questions promptly.
  • Ethical standards and client trust are paramount. When you choose Sardar & Co as your legal partner, your best interests are our priority.

Selecting a firm may seem daunting, but Sardar & Co stands as a beacon of reliability. With our dedicated and passionate attorneys, we set ourselves apart. Call us at 03162155950 or email us at saadisardar@sardarco.org



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