What is Criminal Law?

What is Criminal Law? - Sardarco.org

Criminal law is one of the most well-known areas of legal practice, ranging from blue collar crime like murder to white collar crime like insider trading or even cybercrime like identity theft.

Criminal law refers to the body of laws that specify what actions are considered crimes and how offenders may be brought to justice by the government. When a person violates a specific criminal statute, that person is guilty of committing a crime and breaking the law.

What are the objectives of criminal law?

The most fundamental objective of criminal law or the criminal justice system as a whole is to ensure that the guilty are punished and innocent are acquitted. Criminal law also attempts to protect life and order in society by preventing crime. Above all, the criminal justice system stands on three pillars: investigation, prosecution, and trial that strives for a fair application of the law.

What do criminal lawyers do?

Criminal lawyers defend the accused for a crime that they may/may not have committed. In regards to criminal law the Supreme Court has supreme administrative authority over the functionality of all criminal courts in Pakistan. Before the commencement of a criminal trial the court allows the alleged criminal to appoint a defense council of their choosing as per Article 10 of the Constitution of Pakistan. Once a criminal trial has begun the defense council of the accused are allowed to cross examine and object to the prosecution’s evidence, within the prescribed limits of law.

How to find a criminal-lawyer?

At Sardar Co law firm clients can find an extremely knowledgeable, dedicated, and professional team of criminal lawyers who have handled numerous criminal cases and miscarriages of justice. Our team of lawyers guarantee that they will defend the rights of their clients in court, seeking to deliver the best possible outcome.

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